Mendix platform

Landano is Cardano-native platform that uses Mendix for its off-chain components

Mendix applications are cloud native by default making all components built on the platform very scalable, resilient, and portable. The low-code methodology also means developers can use Mendix to deliver software quickly to ensure that products and services are brought to market faster while optimizing operational processes.

The platform is accessible to developers and administrators through the Developer Portal, which provides access to apps as well as services for requirements management, development, and deployment in the operation and administration of apps and app services. The platform includes Mendix Studio Pro as well as the Mendix Marketplace, which features hundreds of publicly available building blocks to speed up development.

Rapid application development

Mendix Studio provides developers with visual drag-and-drop tools for workflows, user interfaces, data, logic, and navigation using no-code and low-code development. Mendix Studio allows our Landano team to develop on one core code base and use it to deliver both desktop and mobile applications.

Mendix interprets the resulting model at runtime thereby maintaining the bond between model and application which improves greatly upon managing legacy code and technical debt once a platform is in production. Direct model execution also removes code generation overhead and provides significant advantages by accommodating live changes and consistency checks, controlled extensions, and dynamic monitoring analysis at runtime.

Sharing our Mendix-to-Cardano tooling

The Landano project has created generic Cardano plugins for the Mendix Marketplace using the tooling we've developed to create our own product. This will allow the large ecosystem of Mendix enterprise developers to use Cardano NFTs and smart contracts from within their development environments directly. These Mendix Marketplace plugins open the Cardano blockchain ecosystem to a large and active enterprise developer community.

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